We have sponsored one of our clients,  Commercial Estates Group, (CEG Harrogate)  in a Bed Race to to raise money for Saint Michael’s Hospice of Harrogate.

The race was on Saturday 14th June and involved  pushing the bed around a 2-mile course (including a river crossing!) competing against 89 other teams in front of a 20,000 crowd.

The race also had a theme which was “Children’s TV & Film”.  CEG Harrogate chose “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and  paraded the streets of Knaresborough with their bed (transformed into a giant Wonka Bar) dressed as Oompa Loompas complete with green wigs and orange faces, before competing in the race itself.  

The picture below, courtesy of CEG,  shows the team in training.



Photo Credit to CEG Harrogate

Photo Credit to CEG Harrogate



Image of Badger treat, laced with plastic pellets to help track badgers' range across a site.

Badger treat – laced with colourful plastic pellets that helps to find out how far particular badgers range over a site. Picture by Kelly Clark

Baker Consultants used a remote digital camera to monitor a potential sett.

A remote video recording technique has been cited as best practice by Network Rail after a project from Baker Consultants delivered significant savings on a rail infrastructure improvement project in Bedfordshire.

The camera, placed at the openings, recorded constantly for three weeks, only being triggered when movement around the entrance was detected.  All sorts of wildlife was recorded investigating the sett, including a young badger who stayed for three hours before moving on and not being seen again. The foxes, pole-cats, rabbits, cats and other animals all investigated the hole, but no-one took up residence.  We even picked up a tawny owl on site.

The information was discussed with Natural England who confirmed that a licence was not necessary to proceed with works at the site. The sett was closed using one-way gates and the camera used to monitor the site during the works.

Imaging is not the only technique used to remotely track badger activity, Kelly recently sent me some pictures of the lovely treacley mix of badger treat – laced with colourful plastic pellets that helps to find out how far particular badgers range over a site, that is, if you can find their poo!