Free G&T and a lakeside view!

Fennview Lodge in Doddington, Cambridgeshire is a favoured haunt of tired birders. We were told a lovely story about one of our team arriving apologetically late after a particularly hectic survey day all over the Fens and as her car crunched up the gravel drive, she was greeted by a freshly poured G&T. You can’t get better service than that!

The four star B&B can be found at:

The entries are starting to trickle in from our team for the Baker Consultants R&R awards for the best places to stay or eat whilst on
site visits.

The first nomination is from Susan and Kelly for the Swan Hotel in the village of Whalley, Lancashire and its sister hotel, The Inn, at the Station in Clitheroe. Both are friendly with well thought out rooms, good food and good beer… three things that make late night and early morning surveys bearable.  The staff are also understanding about the weird hours us ecologists keep.

Here is a link to their website…. as a thank you!

The Baker Consultants team wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2011.

And with this new year arrives a new competition at Baker Consultants… nominations are now being received for the 2011 Rest and Relaxation Awards awards.

Anyone involved in the crazy survey season that sees all ecologists red eyed and up at dawn and dusk surveying our protected species knows that a good pub with good grub and a friendly B&B can help ease the pain.

The proprietor has to be willing to hear alarm clocks go off at 3am and provide breakfast/lunch/dinner at 7am after the emergence survey is completed. The pub has to be friendly, serve half decent ale, a satisfying plate of food and not be offended by book reading or snoozing in a corner.

Now, the sites for potential wind farms and new housing or retail developments tend not to be too near to civilisation, so such establishments are few and far between. Thus, the Baker Consultants Rest and Relaxation Awards 2011.

No award was presented last year, but there were some contenders. Nominations are now being received for the 2011 awards which will be decided in September. We’ll get back to you shortly with our highlights of 2010 to whet your appetites.

Nominations please to:

Happy New Year!