Our Technical Director, Carlos Abrahams, has a long-standing research interest in wetland ecology. His particular area of expertise covers the ecology of wetlands that have fluctuating water-levels, such as reservoirs and temporary ponds. One of his published scientific papers, ‘Climate change and lakeshore conservation: a model and review of management techniques’ is influencing other researchers around the world and has recently been cited in a number of international studies.

Eight recent examples are listed below:

Primary production dynamics of dominant hydrophytes in Lake Provala (Serbia) Central European Journal of Biology 2009

Restoring pattern without process in lake restoration. University of Florida 2009

Climate and Lacustrine Ecosystems Changing Climates, Earth Systems and Society 2010

Do water level fluctuations matter?  Inland Waters 2011 

A review: Macrophytes in the assessment of Spanish lakes ecological status under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) Ambientalia 2011

Habitat type richness associations with environmental variables: a case study in the Greek Natura 2000 aquatic ecosystems  Biodiversity and Conservation 2011

Influence of reservoirs on phytoplankton dispersion and functional traits: a case study in the Upper Paraná River, Brazil Hydrobiologia 2013

Allocating CSR plant functional types: the use of leaf economics and size traits to classify woody and herbaceous vascular plants Functional Ecology 2013