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Data Processing

Signal Processing

We offer a signal processing service to enable rapid data processing and signal recognition. Having developed a reputation for our ability to process bat survey data reliably and cost effectively, many other UK ecology consultants now use us for this service.

We would be very happy to talk to you about your specific needs, whether you are undertaking research or have a commercial requirement. Please contact us to arrange this. Additionally, we can provide a cost quotation for analysis of a data sample by email for bat call data analysis.

Baker Consultants – Bioacoustics services

Leading bioacoustics service from our specialist bioacousticians

Baker Consultants has a dedicated in-house bioacoustics consultancy team with significant experience in processing large amounts of biological acoustic data. Our experience covers a variety of bat and bird species monitoring.

Our bioacoustics team offers an alternative to conventional survey techniques that can be much more cost-effective and defensible at public inquiry. Baker Consultants is actively developing innovative new ecology survey techniques that are backed-up by peer-reviewed research.

Our services include:

  • Data collection, analysis and consultancy
  • Signal processing and interpretation
  • Remote recording of bat and nightjar vocalisations.

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New service

Remote sensing service has launched

Baker Consultants provides high-resolution aerial video and photography data capture and analysis, with in-house qualified pilots.

This time-efficient and affordable survey technique collects high quality images which can be analysed to produce GIS maps and/or 3D models.

The flexibility of this survey approach provides clients with data for applications such as engineering, renewable energy, residential and mixed-use development projects.

Ecological applications include supporting Phase 1 Habitat surveys, invasive species surveys, habitat monitoring and bat roost inspections.

Bioacoustics survey protocols and methods

While bioacoustic surveys are becoming more mainstream, Baker Consultants is leading the way in innovative survey protocols and methods. Research we have undertaken with the Natural Environment Research Council and a number of key universities is challenging the status quo and moving the industry towards more rigorous best practice.

Why Baker Consultants?

Our in-house team of bioacoustics consultants is highly experienced in using the latest technology to gather robust, defensible data on a range of species, including bats and nightjar.

We have a reputation for ecology survey innovation and often employ new, innovative technology to survey species. Our team leads the way in the use of remote bioacoustics detectors for surveying species such as bats, and birds . We have devised methods that allow the collected data to be processed extremely rapidly and, therefore, cost-effectively, with particular expertise in the offshore renewable energy sector.

Our bioacoustics capabilities are complimented by our detailed knowledge of relevant legislation (in particular, UK and EU among others), as well as our expertise in traditional ecology survey techniques and our considerable data processing ability.

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