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Wikinger OWF and OSS monitoring campaign to be presented at Oceanoise 2017

Our technical director, Federica Pace, will be presenting some outcomes of our long monitoring campaign for underwater noise and harbor porpoise at the Oceanoise 2017 conference in Vilanova Ia Gertru – Renewables session on Thursday 11/05 chaired by Dr Paul Lepper (Loughborough University) and Frank Thomsen (DHI). This biennial conference has become a regular appointment on BCM agenda to present results from commercial projects to the leading experts in the field. In 2015, we presented the key findings from monitoring piling activities at Borkum Riffgrund 1 OWF (link to presentation PDF). The outcomes of the panel discussions on each topic area are collated and published online; these form the basis for directing research outcomes (2015 piling panel discussion PDF link)

This years’ presentation will focus on the noise monitoring activities during the four-legged jackets installation that took place from April to December 2016 which involved monitoring piling as well as dredging noise according to the German BSH standards.

Pile Driving at Borkum Riffgrund: shot taken via GOPRO

A 5-minute presentation will also be given by our collaborator Fabrizio Borsani on Wednesday entitled “ Measures Of Underwater Sound Irradiated From A Plant For Re-Gasification Of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)”.

A new DIN standard has recently been published for In-situ determination of the insertion loss of control measures underwater. Read more here…