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JNCC publishes updated seismic guidance

Following an extensive effort reviewing existing practice and the output of the analysis of a large dataset of marine mammal observations during seismic surveys conducted between 1994 and 2010, the Joint Nature Conservation Society (JNCC) published new guidance for minimizing the risk of injury and disturbance to marine mammals during seismic surveys.

An update to the 2010 guidance was very much needed following development of the profession for marine mammal and passive acoustic monitoring observers and in view of findings that have emerged from research on the impacts of seismic activities on marine life. A noise registry has since been established in the UK to monitor man-made noise, such air guns that emit loud impulsive sounds.

JNCC is currently looking at standards for MMO and PAM training as the next step to ensure mitigation guidelines are implemented appropriately and consistently across operations. BCM only employs trained and experienced staff for this purpose to ensure clients are supported throughout the project duration in the implementation of the mitigation strategy and interpretation of the license conditions for individual projects.