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Andrew Baker to represent ecology profession at All Party Parliamentary Group on Biodiversity

Andrew Baker, our Managing Director, has been invited to speak at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Biodiversity (APPGB); a forum for informed discussion between cross-party parliamentarians, senior policy makers, industry leaders and environmental organisations on biodiversity issues. He will share the stage with Stanley Johnson, formerly of the European Commission and European Parliament, and […]


Our ecologists contribute to Nathusius’ pipistrelle research featured on BBC1

Five of our ecologists contributed to a Nathusius’ pipistrelle (Pipistrellus nathusii) research project that featured on The One Show on BBC1 as part of the film Bats Without Borders by Icon Films! Our Senior Ecologist Matt Cook led the project for Nottinghamshire and Rutland Water and four of our other ecologists, Courtenay Holden, Katie Watson, Rich Hall and Kelly Clark have also been involved. Background […]


Harp traps and acoustic lures at the ready for a night of bat training!

Our latest in-house training course, run by Senior Ecologist Matt Cook (BSc (Hons) MSc MCIEEM), covered advanced bat survey techniques including using harp traps and acoustic lures. After an initial training session on advanced bat surveys including Natural England class licensing back at the office, our terrestrial colleagues set off into the wilds of Derbyshire […]

Our Principal Ecologist’s waxcap translocation article hits the press

A new method for translocating rare waxcap fungi developed by our Principal Ecologist Barry Wright could offer considerable cost savings for construction and development projects and has recently been featured in both British Wildlife and In Practice magazines. Rather than moving whole turves in order to translocate the waxcap fungi affected by the construction of a […]

Baker Consultants win Management Plan work for 17th century working water mill and country park

Baker Consultants, alongside MOLA and DSA Environment & Design, recently won the contract to produce a new Management Plan for Worsbrough Mill and Country Park. Commissioned by Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership (DVLP) in collaboration with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC), the production of the Management Plan will guide a five-year management programme at Worsbrough Mill […]


Photo highlights from 2015 ecology surveys

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons in our surveying calendar, with our ecologists travelling across the UK and Europe carrying out a wide variety of surveys for our clients. Here are a selection of the best ecology survey pictures from 2015 so far. The video below shows our Technical Director Carlos Abrahams assessing a tree for its potential to support […]

Baker Consultants nominated for 2015 Wales Green Energy Award

The 2015 Wales Green Energy Award finalists have been announced and Baker Consultants has been nominated alongside Newcastle University for a Contribution to Skills & Training award! Our nomination relates to the research and development of bioacoustics survey skills for the monitoring of European nightjar, a species of bird often perceived as being in conflict with wind farm […]


Acoustic lures and harp traps expand our bat survey skills

Last week, as part of our ongoing CPD and survey innovation commitments, two of our Natural England licensed bat ecologists attended an advanced bat survey techniques training course in Sussex at the National Trust Slindon Estate. Uniquely, this course is run via the not-for-profit Bat Conservation and Research Unit (BatCRU); something that particularly appeals to our conservation-minded ecologists. In […]

New system for evaluating and grading hedgerows

Barry Wright, one of Baker Consultants’ Principal Ecologists, has along with Professor Ian Rotherham from Sheffield Hallam University developed a new system for documenting hedgerows; providing information on their biodiversity and data to inform mitigation and translocation strategies. Barry’s HEDGES system is featured in full in the Summer 2015 edition of Conservation Land Management. Problems with current hedgerow […]

Curlew nest: successfully fledged or predated?

For any bird, successfully raising chicks can be a tricky business, particularly for a ground-nesting bird such as the curlew (Numenius arquata), Europe’s largest wading bird. The curlew is listed as ‘near threatened’ by the IUCN and is a UK BAP (Biodiversity Action Plan) priority bird species due to the international importance of breeding and wintering […]

The EU is good for business and the environment

Baker Consultants strongly believes that the UK must remain within the European Union. Not only is our membership of the EU good for business, it also benefits the environment. Baker Consultants trades internationally and currently 50% of our turnover is with companies that are based in EU countries. We expect this export of our work to […]

Out-of-date SPA classifications are impacting housing policy

Special Protection Areas (SPAs) are classified for the populations of wild birds that they support. Due to an administrative muddle between three parts of government regarding SPA designations (note that there is no dispute on the science behind SPA selection criteria), the planning policy that will dictate the development of Bradford for the next two […]

Demolition video – Cornwall Coliseum, Carlyon Bay

As part of the re-development of Carlyon Bay by Commercial Estates Group (CEG), the infamous Cornwall Coliseum was recently demolished. The iconic building was a popular music venue in the 1970s and 1980s and played host to a large number of bands including Black Sabbath, The Cure, The Who, Eric Clapton, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi and Simple Minds. Here is a time-lapse video of […]

Meet our Technical Director at Midlands Infrastructure conference

We’re hitting the road again to exhibit at the Midlands Infrastructure and Regeneration Conference and Expo in Birmingham on 28th April. With the main terrestrial ecology season about to kick off, this will give Carlos Abrahams our Technical Director and Kelly Clark our Principal Ecologist an important opportunity to catch up with existing clients, meet new contacts and discuss future […]